When presented with a challenge or issue facing the community, council's actions can fit into one of these four descriptions:

Advocate = Working to support the community by collecting and sharing their views to government, agencies, organisations etc, with the aim to achieving positive outcomes for the community. Minimal rates impact.

Influence = Helping to shape and change people’s perceptions and/or behaviours that lead to positive outcomes for the community. Minimal rates impact.

Plan = Stating an intention to achieve a goal (hit a target, build something new, get responses from people etc.) and then putting steps in place to reach that goal. Moderate to high rates impact.

Resource = Having enough people, material, money etc. to do something. High rates impact.

Below is a ranking list with some scenarios based on common experiences that Council may get involved with. Let us know how you think Council should have an impact by dragging and dropping the options from the left to the right column. Note: you don't have to rank all the options, just choose the ones you think Council could do in each scenario, and in order of importance.