Below are some questions – things to think about, consider and ponder on when thinking 'what matters, Manawatū?'

Don't forget, Councils have a range of ways in which to create and influence change. Sometimes this will be done through directly funding projects. Other times, Councils might work with or support other organisations to deliver change. Council’s impact is not always driven by what we can fund – sometimes we can influence, advocate or utilise our strong networks to get things done.

We've grouped them into four themes: cultural; social; economic and environmental.

Have a read through these questions and let us know what you think. Don't feel limited to what we've included here - think big!

What do you think our district really needs to help us embrace the future and create a space everyone can feel proud to call home? Post your thoughts via the button at the bottom of the page.

Cartoon people holding up a sign that says cultural
  • How do we create a district where everyone feels respected, welcomed and able to be themselves?

  • What other ways could we as a district reflect the array of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds that make up our communities?

    How can we learn from each other and embrace our differences?

  • What focus should be put on events and festivals designed to bring communities together?

  • What is missing when it comes to the arts in the Manawatū?

    What would you like to see available?

Cartoon people holding up a sign that says social
  • If our population grows, how will we ensure everyone has somewhere to live?

    Where should houses be built? What spaces should be zoned, or rezoned as residential areas? What other housing options are there?

  • Does everyone have access to the things they need? Things like public transport, schooling and the internet. If not, how could things be made better?

  • How can we ensure everyone has access to the services and support they need to thrive?

  • What other community services and facilities might be needed to ensure everyone living in our district feels connected to others?

  • Should Council focus on projects which provide emotional wellbeing for communities as well as practical solutions? What might these be?

  • What role could Council play in reducing crime and anti social behaviour in our district?

  • How do we ensure our young people have the best opportunities? How do we encourage them to stay in the district once they’ve left school?

  • How much input should Council have on people’s leisure time? Should Council prioritise providing things for people to do, experience or get involved with?

  • Should Council focus on projects which provide emotional wellbeing for communities as well as practical solutions? What might these be?

Cartoon people holding up a sign that says economic
  • What else can we do to attract businesses to the district, and support existing employers to maintain and grow their businesses?

  • How do we continue to encourage residents to spend their money in the district?

    How do we encourage out of town tourists to stay, play and spend in the Manawatū?

  • How do we balance the need for new infrastructure and its subsequent maintenance costs with the rising impact of this on rate payers?

  • What could be done to ensure our district develops in a way which provides opportunities and sustainable infrastructure for future generations?

  • What do you think about maintaining a ‘rural’ focus for the Manawatū? How do we balance that with the needs of a growing population?

  • If we want to encourage more people to visit the district, where should they stay? What additional accommodation needs do we have?

  • How do we attract workers to the district? Do we have areas of skills shortage? What would make people choose the Manawatū over other regions?

Cartoon people holding up a sign that says environmental
  • What more can we do as a community to reduce the impacts of climate change?

    How do we create a workable plan that maps out as a district how we will reduce our emissions and impact on the environment?

  • How do we support the communities being most affected by climate change?

    How do we support everyone in our district who is at risk from flooding and build our resilience to natural hazards?

  • How do we support the move to more electric and hybrid vehicles - should we? Can we do more to encourage people to walk, bike or use public transport?

  • How do we improve and protect our waterways?

    Can we build on projects such as our Wetland Project which utilises native plant species to clean and filtrate wastewater.

  • How do we protect our existing infrastructure from natural hazards such as earthquakes, flooding and increased industrial activities?

  • How can Council support residents to generate less waste? How can we reduce, reuse and recycle?

  • What more could be done to support recycling efforts across our district?

  • How can our district become more resilient to civil defence emergencies?

Responses will be displayed on this site and may be displayed in other public places. Personal information will not be attributed to any quoted responses. We will be using these responses about ‘what matters to you’ to inform the council about the priorities of the community.