Our District Plan is the blueprint for how the Manawatū District can be developed and changed over time. It is an ever evolving document, which needs updating to ensure it meets the priorities and anticipated future needs of the district.

We call this project the District Plan Review. Plan changes will have different focuses – for example implementing national direction, responding to local issues, or maybe just a review because we’ve had feedback from the community that things might need to be adjusted.

Our current focus is the Rural and Flood Channel Review (Plan Change A). This project involves us reviewing our current District Plan and also responding to new directions from central and regional government. These changes have a particular focus on flood impacts in our rural zones and also how we protect our highly productive land.

We are now reviewing the feedback from our residents on the draft changes before we refine the plan and undertake formal consultation in the near future.

Find out more about the draft changes by clicking on the links below.

You can find out more about previous plan changes here.